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About Us

ShopUST.com Inc Headquarter is located in Miami, Florida. Our choice of location was deliberate, based on the global access to our Customers from Miami. We have positioned ourselves within reach of the goods you need and desire, and the transportation options to ensure speedy delivery to your door.

ShopUST.com Inc is a unique company because we believe in providing quality products at competitive pricing with efficient shipping, and outstanding Customer service. We have embraced technology to create efficient systems that is currently unrivaled. Our determination is to provide our customers with the goods they need, when they are required.

Being a dealer/distributor for all the products we sell, ShopUST.com Inc takes the privilege in supplying products at wholesale prices. If customer desire to purchase in bulk quantities, please do not hesitate to contact a ShopUST’s representative for a further discounted price. If you are looking for savings, you are at the right place.